Sunday Worship 10:30 & 5:00

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                 We hope the following list of gatherings and events at Westminster will encourage you to join together with us as a worshiping and growing community.  To understand more fully how the following fits into our overall ministry, please visit the Our Ministry Values section here.

Sunday Discipleship Classes

Join us for our discipleship classes every Sunday at 9:15 (off in June/July  &  Dec/Jan).  The nursery is open & available to you, though it is not staffed during discipleship.  We have classes for all ages.  Come early and enjoy finger-foods and coffee!   Our children’s classes engage with Bible-centered instruction, memorization, and singing.  Parents are provided information on what their children are learning in the Sunday Discipleship Classes and Rooted/Jr Rooted (see below), so that they may consider incorporating those elements into their family worship settings.

Morning & Evening Worship

Join us for worship every Lord's Day at 10:30 & 5:00.   Click here if you would like to know what to expect on your first visit.  To find out more about our theology and practice of worship, click here.   We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Lord’s Day of each month in morning worship.   

Westminster Prays

Every Sunday evening, we share prayer needs and engage in a time of prayer for one another.   The final Lord's Day of every month we have an extended time of prayer for the Kingdom.  To help cultivate prayer and service among the congregation, The Westminster Weekly is emailed out each week, which in part provides a prayer list for households to use throughout the week.  

Churchwide Fellowship Meal

Join us on the first Lord’s Day of every month following morning worship as we enjoy a pot-luck meal together.   This is a great way for us to get to know one another better.   Most months we meet in our Fellowship Hall, while some months we alternate_to_fell_mealeat under a large white tent outdoors.  This church family meal is also an occasion for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries of the month. 

Westminster Discovery Class

This class is intended for anyone who wishes to “discover” more about our church, whether one is prayerfully contemplating membership or not.    It is the best way to get an in-depth introduction to our identity, values, distinctives, and, ultimately, what it means to be a part of this covenant community.  It is led by the pastor using PowerPoint slides to aid instruction.   This class is held twice per year (or as needed).    

Men's Fellowship & Study

Throughout the year, our men & boys come together for a series of weeks to enjoy one another’s fellowship and engage in a book study together.  This takes place within the comfort of a home setting, where we enjoy food and drinks together.  The books are provided by the church and the study includes instruction & discussion in a pressure-free environment.  This would be an excellent opportunity for you to get to know the men of the church better.

Women's Fellowship & Study

Our women and girls come together bi-monthly during several months throughout the year to enjoy fellowship and engage in a book study together.  Typically this gathering takes place in the comfort of a home setting.   This also provides opportunities for celebrating special occasions among women in our church, such as wedding and baby showers.  This is an excellent opportunity to get to know other women in our church.

Children’s Rooted & Jr. Rooted

alternate_rooted_2bAlong with Sunday discipleship classes, Jr. Rooted (target age 4-7) and Rooted (target age 8 & up) comprise the complementary components to our discipleship efforts toward our children.  It is subtitled “Rooted in the Faith, Rooted in Relationships.”   It is intended to allow the children to receive Bible instruction directly from their Pastor and enjoy some good ol' fashioned fun together!  It takes place during the first week of every month with plenty of adult oversight. altenate_rooted4Parents are provided information on what their children are learning in the Sunday Discipleship Classes and Rooted/Jr Rooted, so that they may consider incorporating those elements into their family worship settings.